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Georgia McMillen has litigated civil and criminal matters for 30 years.  Her extensive experience includes representing clients throughout the State of Hawai`i, as well as New York and New Jersey.  Her dedication to implementing the best legal solutions on behalf of her clients has earned her top ratings at legal review sites like AVVO.  No matter the client's circumstances, abilities or finances, there is no substitute for providing the most relevant, up-to-date legal analysis, clearly communicating that analysis to the client so that he or she can make the best decision, then executing that decision in the most advantageous, cost-effective manner.
Criminal Cases, Appeals & Post-Conviction Relief
Ms. McMillen has extensive experience representing clients in state and federal criminal matters.  The nature of her representation depends on when, in the course of the investigation or prosecution, a client hires her. She has assisted clients under criminal investigation, during preliminary hearings, during plea negotiations, sentencing and post-sentencing proceedings, on appeal and other post-conviction proceedings.  Some of her observations include the following.
Investigations.  For clients under investigation, it is critical that their lawyer reach out to investigative authorities and discuss the nature of the investigation and evidence, if any, collected -- as well as pending charges. There is no more important time to be proactive, before charges have been filed.  The right lawyer will help influence the charges in the indictment, seeking charges that carry the lowest possible punishment and consequences to the client. Moreover, the right lawyer under the right circumstances may be able to prevent the filing of charges to begin with. Further, now is the time to have a lawyer during the execution of search warrants and other investigative measures in order to prevent abuse of these measures and protect the client from attendant harms.  These include speaking with officers, admitting facts, and generally harming his or her legal interests. One of the most important pieces of legal advice Ms. McMillen gives to clients under investigation is to simply not talk.  Do not talk to any members of local, state or federal law enforcement organizations without a lawyer present.  Do not talk to friends, family members, coworkers, neighbors, or anyone else about the case  because they could later be subpoenaed.
Plea Negotiations.  For those who have been indicted and must decide whether to negotiate a plea bargain or go to trial, clients should be aware that 95 percent of all criminal cases result in a plea bargain.  Therefore, it is critical that clients understand the legal reality they face including sentencing and punishment, and the quality and quantity of evidence against them, in order to make an informed decision as to whether to go to trial or negotiate the most advantageous plea bargain.  Ms. McMillen helps clients make this difficult decision.
Appeals.  If clients are convicted either by trial or through a guilty plea, they have an option to appeal their conviction and their sentence. Ms. McMillen has extensive experience representing clients in both state and federal appeals.  On this website she provides a sample of some of the numerous cases and legal briefs she has filed and argued on behalf of her clients.  She is a vigorous advocate in appellate court, while simultaneously guiding her clients through the lengthy, arduous proceeding, including explaining the governing court rules and applicable law.
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